Kulturnatta Fredag 10 Oktober 2014

Kulturnatta: 10 October 2014

A short version in english: program_eng2014_HS

The whole city will be buzzing of culture during Kulturnatta! We have a great collection of cultural events around the city and there will be a broad mix of activities, art, music, theatre and everything in between.
This is the English version of our program and it contains a selection of events that will be better suited if you do not speak Swedish. To see the full program, see the Swedish version (www.kulturnatta.goteborg.se).
  • Most events have free admission – but some of them use the Kulturnatta Card (150 SEK) as an entrance ticket. The events that use and sell the card are marked in this program. If you buy a card, it can be used to enter all of the other events during Kulturnatta.
  • Please notice that some events also have age-limits.
  • All events have limits regarding capacity – be in time, there are no guaranteed places.
  • If you have questions, please contact the organizer of the specific event you want to visit or write to Kulturförvaltningen at kulturnatta@kultur.goteborg.se

Kulturnatta is coordinated by Kulturförvaltningen, Göteborgs Stad.