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With reservation for changes.

What is Kulturnatta?

For 30 years at the break of autumn – there has been a festival in Gothenburg called Kulturnatta (Culture Night). A night when the entire city is buzzing and brewing with cultural events of every kind. Here you can explore a broad mix of activities – everything from readings and theater plays to dance battles and workshops. Anything can happen at Kulturnatta!

It is a festival by everyone, for everyone. Anyone is welcome to organize an event at Kulturnatta. Kulturnatta does not award financial support to participants, each organizer funds their own events. Therefore, every organizer is fully responsible for their own program – with their own stages, arenas, technical systems, permissions etc.

But what does Kulturnatta offer the organizers?
We make sure to communicate the events and the entire program to the public via billboards, approach signs, online, PR activities, media contacts and such. We also administrate, and as far as it is possible, help our organizers to create their event.

Come join us for the night of Kulturnatta. Either as a visitor or an organizer. Everyone is welcome!

Age limit

Some organizers have an age limit for their event. If so, this is shown in the program.

First come, first served

Bear in mind that popular events may be full. Plan your visit in good time. First come, first served.


Contact the organizer directly if you have questions about a particular event. Contact details can be accessed via the organizer’s website, which is shown for each event.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Also, please tell other people if you think they may be interested in organizing something on Kulturnatta.

Are you a first-time organizer for Kulturnatta? Send us your e-mail address and we will put you on the mailing list, to make sure you have all the info you need to be involved in Kulturnatta.